(alphabetical by author)

Engaged Individual and Community Healing and Grieving, Dave Dorman
This story describes how Art of Hosting principles, philosophies, and strategies were applied while engaging the community that emerged around an individual health crisis and subsequent death. Particular attention is given to how the four-fold path surfaced as being foundational to healing and grieving.

Hosting a Leadership Development Cohort: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore Dave Dorman
This story describes how Art of Hosting practices were applied to leadership development for the 2013 cohort of the President’s Excellence in Leadership program. A primary focus is given to the work of the design team who hosted a kickoff event for the cohort.

Getting Better Results at Events and Meetings, Kathie Doty and Brittany Kellerman
This story highlights how the Hennepin-University Partnership has implemented Art of Hosting techniques and strategies to improve their events and ongoing meetings by creating opportunities for more engaged and productive discussions.

Building the Case for Art of Hosting at the University of Minnesota, Susan Engelmann
This story captures how Art of Hosting has brought clarity to what a long-time University employee has experienced related to how change and leadership takes place in large, complex organizations. She describes how the Art of Hosting worldview around using intentional questions to get clarity around purpose has informed effective efforts at the University of Minnesota.

Collaborative Creation for Technology Implementation: The Portal Story, Susan Geller
A team designs a series of engagements that build on each other to create a shared vision of a new portal website.  This story takes us from the first meeting of the leadership team to the end of the first phase of the project.

Trusting the Process, Kevin Gerdes
This story demonstrates the successful integration of The Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter (hereafter referred to as “Art of Hosting”) techniques during a day-long workshop with diverse representatives who focused on redesigning services for elderly individuals who become visually impaired. The use of a Host Team, Opening and Closing Circle, Reflective Listening, and Powerful Questions in a World Café setting harvested important information.

Taking it on the Road, Brad Hokanson
Art of Hosting is a set of flexible technologies that can be used to plan, organize, and direct the other digital technological world. How the new technologies are used can be effectively planned and managed through the work of Hosting, as exempified in these three examples of real world use.

Art of Hosting as a College-wide Change, Brad Hokanson and Kate Maple
The change encouraged by Art of Hosting in a college occurs on many levels, from within the single classroom to application and expectation within many meetings to addressing a large curricular change. This writing illustrates some of the effect of Art of Hosting in one college with a high percentage of trained practitioners.

Visual Facilitation Gallery Walk: Co-Learning Gathering at the University of Minnesota, Cristina Lopez
Part of the Art of Hosting practice is to co-learn with others in community.  In 2012-13, the Art of Hosting community at the University of Minnesota hosted a visual facilitation workshop to support our co-learning around visual facilitation. This story shares our collective insights about visual facilitation and the Art of Hosting.

Beyond Presentations and Panels: Public Engagement Through Meaningful Conversation, Leah Lundquist
This story describes the impact intentionality around developing a hosting team, the invitation that is offered, constructing powerful questions and creatively sharing what emerges can have in fostering an authentic public engagement effort as a University partner.

A Training Not for Spectators, Leah Lundquist and Jodi Sandfort
This story captures both the spirit of the Art of Hosting training experience and describes what individuals at the University of Minnesota have been learning about introducing Art of Hosting within the academic context.

Open Space in the College of Liberal Arts, Jen Mein
On January 17, 2013 the College of Liberal Arts hosted 75 guests in an all-day Open Space Technology event to inform the creation of a web strategy that would advance the college and its programs. Using the eight breaths framework, this story walks through the process from the initial idea to design to harvest to reflection.

Leadership Journeys Lead to Hosting the IT Community, Jen Mein and Jen Bentrim
Dozens of IT professionals have been trained in the Art of Hosting and become practitioners within the IT community, hosting hundreds of their colleagues in an respectful, inclusive, and authentic manner. Two such practitioners, Jen Mein and Jen Bentrim, share their leadership journeys in AoH and discuss how they host the IT community.

The First Forum for Leadership Educators: An Origin Story, Wendy Morris
One year before the first Art of Hosting training at the UMN, an innovative program at the Center for Integrative Leadership paves the way for Art of Hosting intiiatives that follow. The story is told through non-linear flashbacks that bring the reader into the experience being described.

Hosting the Classroom, Kathy Quick
Being introduced to the Art of Hosting has fundamentally changed how I teach in ways that I can clearly discern. Being introduced to hosting has enhanced how I prepare my students to practice engagement, facilitation, and hosting. But it also helps me reflect on and advance not only my practice as a host, but also my practice as a teacher. The two are closely intertwined; I now regard the classroom as a hosting environment and have reoriented my role to being a host of professional learning.

Creating Meaningful Learning Communities:  Applying Art of Hosting in Mid-Career Public Affairs Education, Jodi Sandfort
Art of Hosting has many implications for professional education.  It provides a process for facilitating significant learning experiences, includes useful conceptual frameworks for group process and change processes, and aligns with constructivist pedagogy.  This story explores all of these dimensions through the illustration of application in mid-career graduate education.

Experiencing the Forum for Leadership Educators, Jodi Sandfort
This story is a companion to Morris’ “The Forum for Leadership Educators:  An Origins Story” and describes the experience of participating in this hosted professional training program. The perspective here highlights the risks faculty and administrators feel when sponsoring hosted events for the first time, including the uncertainty of what might result.

The Art of Hosting Creativity and Innovation: Applying Design Thinking at the University of Minnesota, Virajita Singh and Nick Rosencrans
This story describes the application of design thinking to a stakeholder engagement phase of a University-wide technology redesign project. The authors argue that design thinking is an approach that fits with the evolving body of engagement techniques and frameworks currently associated with Art of Hosting.

Applying the Art of Hosting to an Open Governance Model, Alfonso Sintjago and Brittany Edwards
This story captures how student leaders elected to the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) perceive Art of Hosting as a radical practice for democratic governance and inclusive change. Two GAPSA leaders describe how they are putting the techniques into practice through forums with administrators to influence governance decisions at the University of Minnesota and also using the worldview to influence how they increase transparency and authentic leadership among graduate students.

CHANCE: Creating Community Through Collaboration, Marcela Sotela Odor
There is an important distinction to be made between working in the community and working in community.   Though subtle in syntax, the real life application is vastly different.  This is a story of how University of Minnesota students came together with community partners to collaborate in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.

Enhancing Volunteer Engagement Using the Art of Hosting and Harvest Conversations Techniques, Terry Straub
The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations practices are easily adapted to traditional volunteer programs.  As today’s volunteers want more from their volunteer experience, the practices can be used to engage volunteers differently, breathing new life into stagnant programs.

Discoveries of Faith, Karen Zentner Bacig
This story describes how Art of Hosting has not only emboldened an individual to take a professional risk and to shift the way she approaches her work from a place of control and sole responsibility to a focus on trusting and developing the collective leadership of all those involved with a project.