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Student Voices: Networked Learning

Abram Anders

My faculty fellowship project focused on a course redesign for FMIS 3141: Business Communications. Business Communications is a required course for all …

Changing the Culture of Medicine

Michael Aylward

Sometimes things come together, sometimes they fall apart, and sometimes those pieces form new things. My project has taken a number of …

Going Digital

Mitra Emad

CSt 1101: Introduction to Cultural Studies was a course that I created in 2001 as part of a civically engaged, interdisciplinary new …

GIS in Nursing Education

Madeleine J. Kerr

As a public health nursing and informatics faculty in the School of Nursing, I wanted to expand and update student learning by …

Waves, Rays, and Transit Appeals

Joe Moses

Personal learning networks (PLNs) are aggregates of people and tools activated to support learning. They differ from study groups in their focus …